Billions Small Springs flow-in In a Big Oceans

The name of Atlantic Ocean hypothetically has to be according to ATLANTIS myth. We all believe in God , but God is not what and how we perceive it . God has showed us , space geometry ,shapes , numbers 3 ,7 ,12, like atom, like triangle, like pyramids and much much more in other ways and numbers ….This book is old and on a way of Atlantis.

Everything is connected in one way !

These are many books which could help in todays times as i see people search a harmony and peace *one is old herman hese s SIDDHARTHA.

Other books can be many but only one question is interesting *Why Atlantic Ocean has a name Atlan-tic?????

Next book in a Michael-Tsarion-Atlantis-Alien-Visitation-and-Genetic-Manipulation-Angels-at-Work !

And Other movies, books and interesting to THINGS¬† to listen ….